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As soon as you open the box of Razer DeathAdder Chroma model 2014, you see a known face, same appearance, same size and same color, as per its predecessor. Similar box of black and green combination with standard contents i.e. stickers, quick start guide and letter of congratulation. Nice Pictures and major specifications printed on the box.

As per their strategy, Razer's don’t change, just for the sack of change; rather they concentrate upon value addition upon what has already been proven through usage and approved by the gamers. You get an improved version with the known appearance. The mouse comes in strong trade worthy packing with 2 years.


The Razer DeathAdder Chroma is a right-handed, ergonomic gaming mouse made of hard plastic in matte black color. It is solid and sturdy looking. The design is well thought. Each contour and curve is perfectly crafted into the shape to provide a comfortable and natural palm grip.

The top of the body is made from a single piece of plastic which is fitted with a scroll wheel and carries the Razer’s logo. In front, two buttons are incorporated in the body. Each button’s surface is slightly depressed in the middle which keeps the fingers in place.

A 7 feet long flexible, braided cable is connected with the body of the mouse between these two buttons. The cable has a golden USB connector on the other end, through which it is connected to the PC.

The left view shows two buttons which can be affectively operated with the thumb. There is thin textured rubber padding on both the sides. The underside has three sliding pads and window for optical sensor.

It is 5Inches long, 2.76 Inches wide and 1.73 inches high. It weighs around 3.7ounce. It is synapse enabled. To reach this cloud based software, you are required to get registered and log-in.

Few of the main features are:

10,000dpi 4G precise optical sensor-The dpi can be modified from 100 to 10000 in steps of 50 with no interpolation.

1000Hz Ultra polling

A marvelous mouse movement, up to 200 inches per second can be achieved with 50g acceleration

5 independently programmable hyper response buttons


The ergonomic shape with its well built curves and counters provides a natural resting position for your hand. You don’t feel tired even after prolonged use. Matte finish plastic body and textured rubber pads on sides provide a better grip and prevent slipping of the mouse.

The scroll wheel now response better with a flatter surface. The optical sensor has been improved with 10000DPI. 

The razer synapse provides online technical support. It also records all your clicks and movements which you can analyze later to improve your performance. Customization of your profiles, settings and their stowage to cloud based memory provides you the freedom to enter your data from any location and computer.

5 programmable hyper response buttons provides enhanced options for allocation of settings and macros as per the requirement of the game.

Correct weight of a mouse is a major factor for its handling. A heavier mouse shall require more efforts and time to move, while a lighter mouse shall be cumbrous to control. Razer DeathAdder weigh only 105g which is right for its size. The mouse moves at your whims executing the desired command at right moment.

Use of Chroma technology with various options to illuminate your DeathAdder Chroma’s scroll wheel and logo adds beauty and style to gaming.


The Razer DeathAdder Chroma can operate with Windows 7, 8, Vista or XP, Mac OS X (V10.7-10.9), PC or Mac, with USB port. You also require 100 MB free hard disk space and internet connection.


The cloud based memory provides unlimited space without a fear of losing your settings or macros. This also facilitates you to reach your settings from any location and any computer.

As soon as you install Razer Synapse you reach the ‘Mouse’ Tab which is your default tab. This tab permits you to customize your profiles, performance, lighting and calibration. You can have any number of profiles. You can create, delete, copy, import, export profiles and assign names to these profiles.

Through ‘Customize’ tab, you can manage button assignments and assign functions of key board, mouse, inter-device change, sensitivity setting, macro setting etc, to various buttons as per the need of the game.

You can control speed and precision of your mouse through ‘Performance’ tab. Some of the performance options are, sensitivity, configure sensitivity stages, acceleration, polling rate, etc.

The razer DeathAdder Chroma is, by default, optimized for razer mouse mates. However, the ‘Calibration’ tab gives you the option to either select a razer mouse mat from a choice list, or to configure your own mat for a better tracking.

The ‘Macro’ tab permits you to create a sequence of keystrokes and button presses. You can formulate long and complex macro commands and execute these with simply and quickly. You can create, delete, copy, edit, import and export macros.

The ‘Lighting’ tab shall allow you to set lighting from 16 million colors in different styles. You may choose from static light or pulsating light of your favorite color, or a spectrum cycling in which all the colors of a spectrum appear and disappear sequentially. You can have similar style for your mouse scroll wheel, logo and other Razer Chroma devices. Or you may opt different colors and styles for different devices, mouse wheel and logo of your Chroma mouse.


The proven design with added features of enhanced DPI and Chroma lighting is an attraction for those who have been using Razer DeathAdder previously as well. It may also be the first buying choice for the gamers with other peripherals of Razer which are Synapse enabled. The cloud based memory not only provides lot of storage space but also give them the freedom to reach their setting from any location. The Razer DeathAdder Chroma mouse is, however, facing serious challenges from some other products in the market offering almost similar capabilities in lesser price.




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