Malik Announce New Swedish CSGO Lineup

Wed 11th Jan 2017 - 8:45pm : Gaming

It is with great excitement MALIK eSports is able to announce a new lineup to represent our established brand name in hope to once again breath some life back into the gaming organisation.

We are releasing a Swedish based CSGO team, of which the team will consist of the following players:

- Almir "Carizma" Serdarevic
- Eric "Whiz" Wågberg (Team-Captain)
- Valter "Fr4ll4N" Törnqvist
- Emil "SPRAAD" Johansson
- Cornelis "Chrixie" Mellin

Team Captain - Eric "Whiz" Wågberg Statement:

We've been through the rough part of getting the team united and to play as a unit. We're all commited to improve and to grow this team even stronger and better, striving everyday to become even better then we are today.

We're now looking forward to continue our journey with Malik eSports.


The team will be entering into ESL Leagues later this month. You can keep up to date and stay in the loop by following our social pages:


We are always looking for options to expand MALIK eSports into other UK and EU based teams playing a variety of games so don't hesitate to email us at



Perry Miles

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  • Thu 12th Jan 2017 - 9:46am

    i belive in the god name whiz gonna win major

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    whiz clutch god

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