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It is with great excitement MALIK eSports gets to announce not 1, but 2 brand new lineups to represent our established brand name in hope to breath some life back into the gaming organisation.

We are releasing 2 lineups both UK based, firstly the MALIK eSports team will consist of the following players, previously played Pick'N'Mix / Candy Kings and achieved a 5th-8th placing at the most recent i57:

- Jon "Cynic" Burvill
- Callum "Caspian" Brawn (Team-Captain)
- Marcus "Hveem" Hveem
- Samwell "Sam" Reynolds
- Liam "Ls" Scotter

Team Leader - Callum "Caspian" Brawn Statement:

Candy Kings CS:GO team will officially today be rebranding under MALIK eSports. All 5 members (Caspian, Cynic, Sam, Hveem and Liam) will be joining the lineup.
I would like to say that we are excited for the future of our team and that we are looking forward to being involved with Malik as this is a good opportunity for us to grow under an organisation.
We will be attending i58 & i59 this year and hope that we can strive forward and show the UK scene that we deserve to be under such a strong name.
I myself am looking forward to working hand in hand with the managers of the organisation and keep them up to date with our progress and plans for the team. I’d like to thank Malik for the opportunity to take us on and hope we can display our hard work in the upcoming months.

Our second lineup is an academy lineup, named MALIK.A, who we will also help push in the gaming development to help them achieve some noteable results on the UK scene, lineup will be captained by TotunG and have previously played as VANDAL eSports

- Dean 'TotunG' Grealish (Team-Captain)
- Luke 'rekalz' Browne
- Jerry 'CANNIBAL' Stewart
- Elliot 'Jells' Hollamby
- Henry 'RanGa' Dickinson

Team Leader - Dean 'TotunG' Grealish Statement:

Despite us only being a small team with little experience, I'm really glad we managed to secure MALIK eSports as an organisation especially with their noteworthy reputation in eSports. As we know, we have big shoes to fill due to their previous rosters in Counter Strike, however I can confidently say that we're going to strive to become one of the best and also realise it's going to take much hard work and dedication. MALIK eSports becoming our organisation has motivated us hugely and also pushed us to improve our team synergy by giving us a more structural training regime and also pushing us towards taking part in the available tournaments. I cannot thank them enough for trusting us despite our experience and giving us a real opportunity to prosper.


Both lineups will be entering into the GameFace EU Cash Cup next week as well as attending i58 later on this year! Remember to follow our social pages to always be kept in the loop with the latest information regarding both teams:


Whilst we have filled recruitment for our CS:GO lineup's we are still looking for options to expand MALIK eSports into other UK and EU based teams playing a variety of games so don't hesitate to email us at




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