MALIK shake off opponents in EPS

Tue 21st Apr 2015 - 11:58am : Gaming

With the UK EPS £6000 tournament starting yesterday the numbers were high on twitch! Thats right almost 7 thousand people tuned in to watch the opening show down between Perilous Rage and Malik eSports.

The first game was on Cache with MALIK starting on CT side and taking a bit of time to settle into the game viewers were concerned it could be anyones game! It didn't take long for MALIK though to get back into stride and repeat their performance in the qualifier to this tournament earlier this month where MALIK dominated PRage 16-3, 16-2. After the Tside Swap PRage struggled to claim any rounds against MALIK but managed to squeeze a few ecos to ensure the final score wasn't to one sided and ended the first of the BO3 at 16-11.

Jumping straight into the second game Malik quickly too the knife round and decided to stay CT, after some unfortunate results and insomnia earlier this year the team new they had some work to do on Inferno and wanted to show off their strong ct sided strats. This saw malik comfortably take the first half to 12-3. Swapping sides the PRage supporters were still hoping they had a chance, as long as they could get the eco rounds quickly, but unfortunatly MALIK stomped them with some great team work and quick clicking. The final map ended at 16-3 in favour of MALIK bringing the Bo3 to 2-0.

Malik have a tough game tonight against well known Rattlesnk's team, but after their shakey performance in yesterdays game, both teams will be looking to fight it out to get top spot in Group A of the UK Premiership.

Tune in tonight for MALIK vs Xenex



Rupert Cary

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