LAN Day 1 Round Up - i54 Results

Sat 4th Apr 2015 - 7:52am : Gaming

With the largest recorded turnout for an Insomnia Lan, i54 has really smashed it this year! 46 teams have turned up for a feature packed event and some great competitive gaming!

Currently MALIK's score card is at 5-0-0 and looking strong. We have had a great first day and helped picked up a bit of momentum for the rest of the event. With a few games being a breeze MALIK have manage to bring in the following results so far:

MALIK 16 vs 7 wgT.

MALIK 16 vs 14 Devious

MALIK 16 vs 2 Quintessential Five

MALIK 16 vs 4 3D Gaming

MALIK 16 vs 3 CK | PFI

Congratulations MALIK so far your doing really well keep up the good work!


Here's a little bonus for our fans in the form of a Coupon: MALIKLAN250 



Rupert Cary

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