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Today I’m going to be sharing some CSGO tips and basic pointers to assisting new gamers get better at the game. If you know your means around CSGO, there is probably very little point in continuing to read this guide as these aren’t csgo pro tips, it’s more generally focused on new players.


In close to mid-range, you ought to always begin at the head of an opponent gamer, and keep the trigger down whilst slowly aiming down to the enemy player’s feet. A good weapon to reveal how recoil works is the Negev. The Negev has extreme recoil and for that reason you have to keep your crosshair at or lower than the enemy player’s feet to manage it.

In long-range scenarios, tap-shooting could be much better (e.g. you are a Terrorist (T) on Dust II with an AK-47 attacking B site. It’s much better to tap-shoot from the tunnels into B site at the Counter-Terrorists (CT) holding it at the back of the bomb site (e.g. behind crates or on the window [broken wall]).


Communicating with your team is essential. This implies that, whenever you spot an enemy gamer, you ought to inform your teammates as quickly as possible (e.g. “two on short” or “it’s a B rush”).

If you are dead, attempt and use your “deathcam” to your benefit. : you’re holding B site on Dust II as CT with an M4A4 and you kill two enemies before being overrun on an eco round – tell your group that they are eco’ing, and one has an M4A4 now. Therefore, your group does not have to fret about an AWP and might attack B site from tunnels with less pressure. As a side note, when killing an opponent in a 1v1 circumstance, you can try and screw up their communication by moving one direction, waiting, and afterwards move back – they’ll inform their teammates that you kept moving that one direction, not understanding you walked back since his “deathcam” time would’ve run out.


Buying grenades when you have the money to do so is, hands down, good. There is, in the majority of cases, no requirement not to purchase grenades if you have the extra cash money to do so. There are numerous different types of grenades to pick from and knowing which grenade is much better for the scenario at hand is crucial to becoming a better player. Flashbangs and smoke grenades are excellent for taking areas of the map. Flashbangs can also assist in combat circumstances, giving you the edge, whereas smoke grenades can also assist by nullifying enemy gamers (such as an enemy CT AWP’er holding “outers” on Nuke when you are playing T trying to obtain to B website from “secret”.

Fire grenades and HE grenades are great for stopping rushes. For example: if you’re holding B site on Dust II as CT tossing an HE grenade into the tunnels can seriously do mega damage to the T’s if they are rushing the bombsite from there. Fire grenades can likewise be utilized as crowd-control, requiring opponent gamers to hide behind particular things. A good beginning setup is 1x HE, 1x smoke and 2x flashbangs if you are not sure exactly what grenades to buy.


It is necessary that your group keeps a steady economy. Exactly what I mean by this is, that your team attempt to “eco” on the very same rounds (to “eco” suggests to save cash (e.g. do not buy guns)). Clearly this isn’t really always the case, however most of the times all team members economy (cash) ought to be in sync.

Typically in low elo play (e.g. silver), individuals purchase on the 2nd round even if they lose the first, and end up with an SMG and no armor. Conserving to purchase correct guns and armor is always better. If you are playing T, just merely getting the bomb plant on an eco round is very great.

If you win the handgun round, a PP-Bizon is a great second round weapon to purchase since it has a high clip with a fast reload time which makes it excellent at killing eco’ing players quickly and easy. It’s very effective at killing many unarmored challengers simultaneously.



Rupert Cary

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  • Thu 22nd Jan 2015 - 12:12am

    Nice advice for beginners! I'm only Silver IV, and getting out of it is taking a lot of time, any advice? I got 27 wins so far.

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