About Malik eSports

MALIK eSports is a professional Electronic Sports Team, consisting of players from across the globe that all make a living through competing in video game tournaments. The MALIK eSports team is an ambitious and already highly successful gaming organisation.

At MALIK eSports we have dedicated gaming squads that will endeavor to be the very best in their particular discipline. Our main focus is to maintain a steady high reputation in the most popular competitive video games and become one of the most respected organizations in the UK, and also be known for our positive and friendly attitude to the gaming community.


We are here to offer young players and team’s the chance to play under the wing of a friendly and professional organisation, helping build manager-player relationships. Our aim is to become a leading gaming organisation throughout the globe.


MALIK eSports was formally named Team MALIK and opened in 2009. We hit the gaming industry with a blast picking up some of the most established gaming teams in Europe. This lead to a successful start to MALIK eSports, but due to a number of unfortunate events MALIK eSports had to close in late 2012. In April 2016, MALIK eSports have decided to relaunch the organisation to support up and coming potential young talents around the globe to reach greater heights and bring success to the organisation once again.